Download Murdered Soul Suspect [Limited Edition] Ps3 Torrent

Ronan O’Connor, a detective with a shady past, is involved in a robbery in which a cruel and ruthless murderer will prematurely end his life. Ronan discovers to his horror that he is in the afterlife. In order to escape from the “Threshold”, the world of limbo, you will have to use your new supernatural abilities to discover the truth about your murderer, find him and bring him to justice.
As Ronan, you have the freedom to explore the city of Salem in search of evidence: the New England-style wooden houses, the narrow streets, the Gothic churches, the madhouse … Confront demonic spirits to save your soul and discover the shocking truth about the person responsible for your death.
Platform: Sony Playstation 3
Developer(s): Airtight Games
ESRB Rating: M – Mature 17+
Genre(s): Action | Role-Playing
Publishers(s): Square Enix
ReleaseDate: 2014-06-03
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