Download SoulCalibur V Xbox 360 Torrent

Soulcalibur V is a fighting game developed and released by Namco Bandai Games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. The sixth main installment in Namco’s Soul series of fighting games, Soulcalibur V is the follow-up to Soulcalibur IV and retains the weapon-based combat that characterizes the series but follows a new character, Patroklos, who aims to rid his sister of a curse brought upon her by an ancient weapon. The game was positively received but was often criticized for the removal of many iconic characters from the earlier games in the series and its lackluster story mode.
Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360
Developer(s): Namco
ESRB Rating: T – Teen
Genre(s): Fighting
Publishers(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment
ReleaseDate: 2012-01-31
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